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Easy to use and holds all the data on your entire sales team and their various skills levels.

The moment you log in you will be updated on all live projects with 'traffic light' codes to alert you of necessary actions.
Our software is easy to use, even when managing large teams. All projects cascade below one another and have simple colour coding to alert you to any problem areas.

View candidate progress and dispatch reminders accordingly.
Assessments are taken online. Assess over 50 essential selling competencies in less than 30 minutes.

Each module contains of a series of statements that the candidate has 15 seconds to rate from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

Choose skills individually or purchase all 5 (Core Skills Set) for a substantial discount.
The SSA represents an international standard for selling skills. Your staff will be benchmarked against all previous candidates from over 40 different countries.

Each assessment statement is timed (to ensure results captured are a true and honest reflection of an individual's skills level) and so it is therefore preferable to select languages your staff are most fluent in.

Our best selling product, Core Skills package, can be sat in 16 languages. However, assessing sales staff from around the world does not mean you need to be fluent in every chosen language. When booking SSA assessments you can decide which language each member of staff takes the assessment in, but then also which language you would like to read their report in. Pretty clever, huh?
You will have chosen an online assessment tool to speed things up, not generate a lengthy report that you then have to analyse or hire an external consultant to interpret!

A SSA report is largely graphical, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses at the flick of a page.
Sales Skills Audit can crunch data and analyse group sales performance in teams ranging from just two to several thousand.

SSA can compare regional offices, staff by line managers, sales executives by product lines, country by country.

The sky is the limit! Team reports are automatically generated with group orders of 2 or more executives - no extra cost to you but of massive importance come group comparison!
Managing large teams is easy. Add and remove candidates, if new sales executives join simply assign them to the existing group.
br> Send assessment reminders to chase executives, manage projects from your desk, home office, or the beach! With SSA you are always in control.
There are 19 Sales Skills Audit e-learning modules to choose from. Each one maps directly over to the sub-competencies identified in an individual assessment report, allowing you to focus sales training in the precise areas most likely to yield an uplift in performance.

Your Staff Manager dashboard will automatically match candidate results to the appropriate courses.
Fixing sales skills gaps with Sales Skills Audit could not be more simple.

Once your candidates have taken their individual assessments your Booking Manager dashboard will identify the right e-learning modules for each individual member of your team.

Just click “proceed” to automatically assign e-learning modules to each executive according to their personal learning & development needs.

Alternatively, simply 'bulk download' reports for your in-house sales training team.

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Business Skills

Self management and professionalism

Problem solving

Exercising judgement and making decisions

Resilience and follow through
Customer Contact Skills

Spotting opportunities

Using probing questions


Advising the customer
Engaging the Customer Skills

Matching customer needs to products & services   

​​​​​​​Awareness of competitors

Understanding the customer's needs

Testing and challenging assumptions

Keeping abreast of new products and services
Negotiation & Closing Skills

Influencing customer expectations


Objection handling
Information & Activity Management Skills

Paperwork management

Achieving goals, objectives and targets

Planning and managing activities

Proven on billion-dollar corporations for more than 18 years. Over 47,000 candidates to date and rising.

Do sales assessments work?

Why choose Sales Skills Audit?

Mark Blezard says, "Sales Skills Audit operates worldwide with a suite of market-leading sales skills assessment tools to improve sales performance. We are the only assessment approved by the global sales qualification accrediting body, the ISM Education, and our assessments are the only ones built on peer-reviewed UK Government National Occupational Standards for Sales. This means they work and are fully valid."

Open an account for immediate access to all of our market-leading sales performance tools:

• Sales skills assessments ranging from 10 to 30 minutes, fully validated

• Sales E-learning modules, aligned to our assessments for targeted training

• Recruiting sales executives? Let us help you hire better-skilled sales executives

" A very easy-to-use, insightful survey methodology that helped us to put a line in the sand from which to plan a strategy for sales development going into what will no doubt be a challenging new year."
Brian Tobin
Head of Learning and Development, Lavendon Group

" We found the SSA assessment to be of high validity and consistent with individual sales performance. The 5 modules covered almost all of the key areas in sales competency and the team reports offered a very clear comparison for both individuals as well as identifying team strengths and weaknesses. It can be used for sales talent screening during both interview and personnel development processes."
Rachel Zhang | 张晓东
HR Department Manager, VNU Exhibitions Asia

"Without doubt, the best set of profiling questions I have completed (and I’ve done some American formats). If anything, gave you the chance to set an aspiration target, really good."

MH, Sales Manager, The Jelf Group PLC

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