Individual Reports - Easy to Read

Easy to read sales assessment reportsYou will have chosen an online assessment tool to speed things up, not generate a lengthy report that you then have to analyse or hire an external consultant to interpret!

A SSA report is largely graphical, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses at the flick of a page.

Can my executives sell?

Each Core Skills assessment generates a 16 page report that starts at Level One - a summary of your candidate’s performance for each of the 5 core skills assessed as compared to the USSA benchmark.
Sales Aptitude test

The report then walks you through each of the 5 Core Skills assessed at two further levels of detail.

Level Two, you have the Slider that graphically shows you where your candidate sits [on an international comparison] for each skill component that makes up a single Core Skill. This Slider will also trigger an e-learning recommendation should they fall below the 50th percentile.

Level Three, the Impact Key (below each Slider) delivers greater detail on the elements within this skills set and looks at how their current levels may affect your business

To fully understand how the SSA works we recommend you download the following two brochures below, Reading a SSA Report (based on our example candidate 'Sam Sample') and the actual report from Mr Sam Sample.

Reading a USSA Report
How to assess sales people

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Sample Report
Sales Aptitude Test

Download a Sample