Sales assessment test

Find - selling skill gaps

Fix - any gaps with e-learning

Fly - watch your executives perform

All assessments are sat online with minimum loss of selling time. You can buy credits to run your assessments by either opening your own account (recommended for employers of 5 or more sales staff) or purchasing individual assessments via our Training Store.

1Open your account and purchase enough credits for your pending project. Budget 5 credits for the full Core Skills assessment per person but the great news is that we will give you your first 10 credits as a welcome gift!
2Organise your team structure in advance to enhance team comparison downstream. Batch executives according to your corporate structure (by office or sales role for example) and book assessments in this order with the appropriate team names.
3Upload candidate names (from 1 to 3,000+) and our system will dispatch individual invites (in team order according to #2).
4Candidates sit their assessment (from 10 to 30 minutes) and their reports will appear in your account once completed. A Team Report will start building automatically once two or more executives have completed an assessment.
5Our “Booking Manager” tool will advise you who has completed and what e-learning modules we recommend should we find any sales skills gaps. It will even help you nudge any staff who have not completed their initial sales assessment module.
6Using your Booking Manager dashboard simply click to proceed with the recommended e-learning modules to fix any gaps and each candidate will receive their very own invite to our bespoke e-learning modules according to their own learning & development needs.
7Again, using your Booking Manager dashboard, monitor all e-learning progress through to the very end at which point you can archive the project for future L&D reference.

Use our Recruitment Genie tool when hiring.

SSA assessment modules are the ultimate productivity tool for recruiters/team managers and sales training companies, offering extreme time savings in preliminary candidate screening and sales talent assessment. Most employers choose the Core Skills module to ensure they are recruiting candidates with the right skills for the job. If you are in a continual cycle of sales executive recruitment you may wish to consider our Recruitment Genie tool which is available once you open an account.