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Retail Sales Consultant



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Retail Sales Consultant

Retail Sales Assessment

A 30 minute sales skills assessment tailored specifically for retail sales consultants.

When consumers go into a store today they expect the shopping experience to deliver significantly more than they can get through ‘shopping the web’; indeed, they expect Retail Sales Consultants to be able to interpret, understand and act on their aspirations, needs and desires in such a way as to create customer delight with each and every engagement. The Retail Sales Consultant has become the face and voice of the company’s Brand and has to deliver on that Brand promise in every way. This requires Retail Sales Consultants to have both strong sales capabilities, as well as the facility for exceptional levels of customer service and engagement, to ensure the consumer experience delivered matches the Brand promise.
This involves effective customer engagement and questioning techniques; the ability to absorb the information gained from the customer; and the ability to present appropriate offerings in such a way that they are clearly aligned to the customer’s expectations, in a compelling manner, and in a manner and style that is comfortable for the customer. Additionally, the Retail Sales Consultant needs to reliably complete all appropriate paperwork and other administrative tasks in an effective, accurate and timely manner.

How to buy

This module requires 8 Credits per candidate. Decide how many candidates you wish to have sit this module. Please note that the Team Dashboard function is not available for the Retails Sales Consultant module.

Once you know how many Credits you require in total, purchase the necessary amount in the Credit Package box above. When the purchase has completed you will be taken to a page for assigning the assessments. This is as simple as typing in names, emails, and selecting which modules and languages you would like to use. Don't worry if you purchase too many Credits, they will remain in your account for future use.

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